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Hough the modern idea of dating is still taboo in some parts of the world, many countries have rituals or traditions surrounding how couples meet and marry.

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Some of these customs have made their way to the United States, but many still remain foren to us.

Funny <strong>Dating</strong> Customs <strong>around</strong> the <strong>World</strong>. Love

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“America’s so good at adopting products from around the world if they work, whether that’s movies, fashion or technology,” says Franz Wisner, author of the dating is popular amongst European and Australian singles, partly because it’s a safe and nonjudgmental way to spend time together. D., a registered counselor and author of , “friends are part of it from the beginning rht up to marriage.

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On a date, you and 30 of your friends mht go to a movie or dinner together and pick up more people along the way. You’re getting validation from friends you trust that you and the man (or woman) will get along well together.” dating also “lowers the expectations as to what should go on and how the date should end,” adds Sahukhan.Vital Records Around the World -

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